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It is our mission to enhance the Pacific Northwest with healthy and exceptional French Bulldogs.

We breed Seattle's finest selection of Loving Frenchie companions. At LUXE, we put Health and Love at the forefront of our daily operations. Our pups are treasured members of our family, living freely in our home and dining on nutritious, human-grade, home cooked meals. Grandma and I prepare their meals weekly using organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, turkey, lamb, salmon and pre/probiotics to ensure maximum health and nutrition for the pups.

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Welcome to Luxe Farmhouse Frenchies! We are Sheri and Jon, the proud parents of Five exceptional bulldogs. We are and always have been a dog friendly family. We have had three or more small breed dogs in our home at any given time. Our pups do an exceptional job of providing companionship and unconditional love for our family.


Our journey to become a boutique breeder began in 2003. After a complicated birth of my son, I was told I was no longer able to conceive children. In that moment I knew I would put my motherhood instincts into becoming the best canine parent and breeder I could be. I truly believe the love and compassion from our furry companions is as powerful as the love and joy we receive from our own children and other family members.


In 2012, we were heartbroken after multiple failed attempts at breeding our toy Pomeranian. We learned her infertility was caused by unethical breeding in her line and made a promise to breed for health and longevity so owners would never experience what we did. We began our search to obtain the perfect purebred canine breed; one that offered historical data regarding the line’s history of hereditary disease and deficiencies in bone structure. 


After four years of extensive research, we decided the French Bulldog breed and community provided the ethical platform that met our desires and needs. With rising demand and changing requirements of society, the French Bulldog was gaining popularity. Breeders saw the need to help the French Bulldog become healthy once again. It gave us multiple options to find a breeder who met our ethical values and could provide us with the perfect canine to begin our own breeding journey.


French Bulldogs provide extreme amounts of love. They are ultra smart and trainable, family friendly, compatible with all ages including babies and toddlers, require low maintenance for grooming, and have a low demand for physical exercise. This allows Frenchies to be a perfect fit for any demographic and living space, especially the elderly and small home environments.


In search of our first Farmhouse Frenchie, we undertook extensive pedigree research to ensure we were introducing DNA combinations that are unique to the Northwest Frenchie population. With the primary goal of producing healthy and well-balanced pups, we searched for traits and OFA certifications that would contribute to the health and genetic pools available in this area, ensuring continued diversity amongst local Frenchies. 


Our search for distinct DNA combinations became our secondary goal as we looked for contemporary and traditional colors that families often look for. These colors provide the pups with DNA combinations that are desired by the traditional AKC show ring and the French Bulldog breeding community. This allows us to breed in rare, exotic colors while maintaining a high standard of traditional AKC requirements. 


All of this led us to choose our French Bulldog Family!

LUXE PUPS BORN September 26, 2023

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Snohomish, WA 98021


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