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Mamas: Females


Meet the Gorgeous Girls


Our Playful Muscular Genius

There’s no doubt Chanel is our most intelligent Mama. She is always ready to teach her fur family how to fetch a ball and return it to the commander for another round, or to kick a miniature soccer ball around the house like a pro soccer player. Saying "She lives to play ball" is an understatement! She has a beautiful muscular structure and is full of love and sweetness!

Chanel Sitting Fence.jpg


Our Mischievous Princess

From the minute we saw her, we knew she would be the perfect LUXE Mama. Yves (Pronounced like Eve) is our fearless tiny girl with a princess attitude. She has no problem keeping up with the boys when it comes to play time. The second you pick her up she instantly turns into a sweet little princess ready for a kiss and a lovable squeeze. We can't wait to see what she will produce!

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