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Mamas: Females


Meet the Gorgeous Girls


Our Miiracle Princess 

Mira short for miracle.. She had a rough start to life! We rescued her from a flight nanny at Seattle Tacoma Airport. Mira experienced a traumatic flight on her way to Boston. Her co-owner called us in to save the day for Miss Mira.  Once we met her we knew she needed to stay with us and become our next princess. After some testing and giving her showers of love, Mira has become another perfect LUXE addition. She comes from the amazing Spolbo bloodline and her structure is perfect! She is the sweetest little spunky love-bug here on our farm. She is always looking for a lap to lay on. She weighs in at 20 lbs and will make the perfect sized frenchie babies.



Our CHILL Princess

From the moment Celine entered our home, we new she would bring calmness to our pack. Her beyond sweet demeanor has given her the #1 best mama award. She is our chill beautiful fluffy carrier great grand daughter of "Lord Sugar".  Her coloring is stunning and her coat is as soft as a stuffed teddy bear. She LOVES to give you a full human hug and will lay by your side for hours just to make sure you know that she loves you.  She produces gorgeous Lord Sugar faces and chunky stout pups!


Our Mischievous Princess #2

Chloe is Yves Half sister... we knew what we were in for when we brought her home. She will be another perfect LUXE addition. Chloe is also a fearless tiny girl who carries fluffy and has a tom girl attitude. She has no problem keeping up with the boys when it comes to play time. Don't let the picture fool you, Just when you think she is ready to go night night she is ready to take another zoomie run around the house before the lights go out. We can't wait to see what her and Louis will produce.  We are hoping for some micro sized frenchies! 


YVES is our RETIRED Sister

Our Mischievous Princess

From the minute we saw her, we knew she would be the perfect LUXE addition. Yves (Pronounced like Eve) is our fearless tiny girl with a princess attitude. She has no problem keeping up with the boys when it comes to play time. The second you pick her up she instantly turns into a sweet little princess ready for a kiss and a lovable squeeze. Although, she can not produce pups she was a great mentor to our pups teaching them how to play! She has now been re-homed to a co worker and we get to see Yves at the office every week. 


Our Playful Muscular Genius

There’s no doubt Chanel is our most intelligent Mama. She is always ready to teach her fur family how to fetch a ball and return it to the commander for another round, or to kick a miniature soccer ball around the house like a pro soccer player. Saying "She lives to play ball" is an understatement! She has a beautiful muscular structure and is full of love and sweetness!

Chanel Sitting Fence.jpg
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